About me

 Welcome to Another Beauty Babble! This is a    beauty and lifestyle blog, which can occasionally feature a few random posts! Anyways, my name is Shelby I am a 17 year old from London. I have had my blog for a good amount of time now, I can't put my finger on how long! But I have been blogging since the ages of 13 roughly, I have had a various number of blogs but stuck with ABB for around 4 years now! 

  Questions about me -

 When is your birthday? -   24th December 1998

 What GCSE's did you take? - Apart from the usual english, maths science etc. I took Spanish, Geography, Business and Health & Social.

What are you currently studying? - I am currently going into the second year at college, studying a Level 3 Diploma in Business Studies.

Plans for the future? - I am hopefully going to be going to university next year (September 2017), I plan to study Marketing!